Sermons on Worship

If you attended our worship service you would notice that we do things different from most contemporary evangelical churches. Our services are more liturgical with responses, confession of sin on our knees, singing of psalms, weekly communion, the Lord’s prayer, and the Apostles’ Creed. I am often asked why we do what we do. So this past Lord’s Day I preached the first part of a two part series entitled Why We Worship the Way We Do. This past week I covered the basic structure of the Lord’s Service. Next week I will dig into some of the details.

For those who have visited our church and would like to know, on a basic level, why our worship looks the way it does I encourage you to listen to these. You can download the sermon at the link above. If you have not visited with us and are unfamiliar with liturgical worship, I would recommend you look at our order of service before listening to the sermons.