Ezekiel and Revelation

Often the problem with interpreting the New Testament is a failure to understand the Old. The links between the two are not circumstantial, but absolutely essential. A good example are the links between Ezekiel and Revelation. Numerous books discuss Revelation in light of Daniel, which is not wrong, but the key OT book in understanding Revelation is Ezekiel, not Daniel. David Chilton has written an excellent commentary on Revelation called Days of Vengeance. The book presents a post-millenial reading of the Apocalypse. However, even if you do not agree with the final analysis, it is worth reading just to help you make the various connections between Revelation and the other books of the Bible. Here is a chart he gives on the similarities between Ezekiel and Revelation.

1. The Throne-Vision (Rev. 4/Ezek. 1)
2. The Book (Rev. 5/Ezek. 2-3)
3. The Four Plagues (Rev. 6:1-8/Ezek. 5)
4. The Slain under the Altar (Rev. 6:9-11/Ezek. 6)
5. The Wrath of God (Rev. 6:12-17/Ezek. 7)
6. The Seal on the Saint’s Foreheads (Rev. 7/Ezek. 9)
7. The Coals from the Altar (Rev. 8/Ezek. 10)
8. No More Delay (Rev. 10:1-7/Ezek. 12)
9. The Eating of the Book (Rev. 10:8-11/Ezek. 2)
10. The Measuring of the Temple (Rev. 11:1-2/Ezek. 40-43)
11. Jerusalem and Sodom (Rev. 11:8/Ezek 16)
12. The Cup of Wrath (Rev. 14/Ezek 23)
13. The Vine of the Land (Rev. 14:18-20/Ezek. 15)
14. The Great Harlot (Rev. 17-18/Ezek. 16, 23)
15. The Lament over the City (Rev. 18/Ezek. 37)
16. The Scavengers’ Feast (Rev. 19/Ezek. 39)
17. The First Resurrection (Rev. 20:4-6/Ezek. 37)
18. The Battle with Gog and Magog (Rev. 20:7-9/Ezek. 38-39)
19. The New Jerusalem (Rev. 21/Ezek. 40-48)
20. The River of Life (Rev. 22/Ezek. 47)