Repentance, the New Birth and Good Works

“Throughout our life, then, we are to reflect on the fact that we are dead to sin and to ourselves, in order to live for Christ and his righteousness. And seeing that this process of rebirth is never completed as long as we are prisoners in this mortal body, we should be careful to continue repenting until we die.” (John Calvin, Truth for All Time, p. 33)

“In short; we must conclude that the great value of union with Christ is found not only in the fact that we are freely justified because of it, but also in the fact that our works are considered as righteous and are recompensed with an eternal reward.” (John Calvin, Truth for All Time, p. 35)

3 thoughts on “Repentance, the New Birth and Good Works

  1. Evan, there are two points from the Calvin quotes. In the first quote I am showing that in some way Calvin sees salvation as process, not justification, but certainly salvation as a whole. In the second quote Calvin is saying that once God accepts us in Christ he also accepts our works. He does not of course accept those works as merit, but he does accept them. Once we are in Christ, though our deeds are imperfect, God still rewards them. Peter


  2. Sounds good to me. I’ve just never heard this kind of language used in this way before. Mostly the first paragraph. Thanks for the clarification… and for breakfast!


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