Daughters are Dangerous

Toby Sumpter is the pastor of Trinity Reformed Church in Moscow, ID. Everything he writes is worth reading. He is a good, clear thinker who holds the faith without apology, but also holds it with love. I sat in on his ordination exam several years ago and was very impressed. Besides all of this he has a great red beard! Here is a link to one of his short posts on Exodus 1-2 where he explains that Pharaoh feared the males in Israel, but he should have feared the daughters. In accord with his post I have posted a picture of my daughters below. May they be like corner pillars in the palace of God.

One thought on “Daughters are Dangerous

  1. My friend Scott Terry, a dairy farmer in New York, has a daughter named Esther Jael. He understands that daughters should be feared. (One of his sons is Isaiah Athanasias. He, too, is to be feared.)

    May the Siseras, Hamans, and Ariuses of the present world meet their doom in these children, and yours.

    Jay (from Grafton 30+ years ago)


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