Go to the Man in Charge

“In For the Time Being, Annie Dillard attempts to keep God around and keep Him nice (if weepy). And so she (like many others) scraps omnipotence, ‘The very least likely things for which God might be responsible are what insurers call acts of God.’

Go that route. Katrina wasn’t Him. Nothing involving fault lines is Him. Stop looking at Him like that–He’s never so much as touched a tornado. He exists, and He’s friendly, but if you’re in some kind of trouble, you might just want to make a deal with the devil. Go to the man in charge, I always say. You can renege later, and you might get really good at the guitar in the meantime.” (Nate Wilson, Notes from a Tilt-a-Whirl, p. 64)

Heidelberg Catechism: Lord’s Day 21

Q: 54. What do you believe concerning the “holy catholic church” of Christ?
A: That the Son of God from the beginning to the end of the world, gathers, defends, and preserves to himself by his Spirit and word, out of the whole human race, a church chosen to everlasting life, agreeing in true faith; and that I am and forever shall remain, a living member thereof.

Q: 55. What do you understand by “the communion of saints”?
A: First, that all and every one, who believes, being members of Christ, are in common, partakers of him, and of all his riches and gifts; secondly, that every one must know it to be his duty, readily and cheerfully to employ his gifts, for the advantage and salvation of other members.

Q: 56. What do you believe concerning “the forgiveness of sins”?
A: That God, for the sake of Christ’s satisfaction, will no more remember my sins, neither my corrupt nature, against which I have to struggle all my life long; but will graciously impute to me the righteousness of Christ, that I may never be condemned before the tribunal of God.