Smoking Jack’s Pipe: A Horrid Racket

There are some men who are quotable. Two men whose last names begin with “L” come to mind; C.S. Lewis and Martin Luther. Their words were at the same time wonderful and terrible. I do not have a book of Luther quotes, but I do have book of Lewis quotes. I thought I would post a quote or two from time to time. Here are two quotes about Christmas. It makes one wonder what he would say now when it is barely mid-November and Christmas catalogs are out, the Salvation Army is already ringing their bells, and there 47 aisles devoted to Christmas at Wal-Mart.

“I feel exactly as you do about the horrid commercial racket they have made out of Christmas. I send no cards and give no presents except to children.” (Letter, 1953)

“Just a hurried line…to tell a story which puts the contrast between our feast of the Nativity and all this ghastly “Xmas” racket at its lowest. My brother heard a woman on a bus say as the bus passed a church with a crib [manger] outside it ‘O Lord! They bring religion into everything. Look-they’re dragging it even into Christmas now!'” (Letter, 1957)

The NIV 2011: A Castrated Bible?

One of the primary places that men and Satan assault God, Christ and His Church is by undermining the Scriptures. This has been the case throughout the centuries, but has been done with a vengeance since the 1800’s. This assault on God’s Word continues unabated in the newer verson of the NIV. I believe this version of the NIV will come out in 2011. I have linked to an excellent chart that shows the changes from the 1984 version of the NIV to this newer version of the NIV. I would especially encourage you to look at the overall change from 1984 version to the 2011 version. Here are some counts worth noting: Fathers is used 259 times less in 2011 version than in the 1984 version. The use of the term forefathers drops from 98 times in 1984 version to 3 times in 2011 version. The word man is used 782 less times in the 2011 version than in 1984 version. And of course, generic words such as ancestor, human, people, and person increase in 2011 version.

Why does this matter? God gave us certain words in the Scripture. Those words were chosen by the Spirit. Those words are not be adjusted or changed. When the Bible says,”Fathers” we are not at liberty to change it to “Ancestors.” Given the spirit of our age we should be very wary of any attempt to expunge masculine words from the Bible. As Tim Bayly says, “This is a systematic attack on the words and Word of God.”

HT: Tim Bayly