Principles of Worship

Here are some basic principles I believe to be true concerning worship. The list below is not in any particular order and does not include everything.

  1. Worship has a dual thrust. God first gives to us and then we give back to him praise. God initiates. We respond.
  2. Worship is to be done in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our worship is Trinitarian.
  3. Worship is to be done according to the commands, precepts and examples set down in Scripture.
  4. Worship is to be saturated with Scripture.
  5. Worship is primarily discipleship, not evangelism.
  6. We worship with our bodies, mind and feelings. Therefore all of these should be involved in the worship service.
  7. The order of worship matters. It will shape the way we think about God, the Church and the world. Therefore the order of worship should be structured by the Gospel.
  8. The Word and Sacraments go together. They are not enemies to be reconciled, but friends who walk hand in hand.
  9. Worship is corporate. Therefore what we do in worship we do together.
  10. The worship service is a prayer service.
  11. Worship is discipline and training in the ways of God. Therefore it requires work.
  12. Singing the Psalms is required.