Social Justice and Divorce

I was reading Malachi this morning and it struck me how the Lord says that He hates divorce because it covers one’s garment with violence. (Malachi 2:16) Today it is fashionable, especially among younger Christians, to freqently discuss the issue of violence, especially as it relates to social justice. Many pastors and scholars call upon Christians to be people of peace, to resist violent solutions to problems around the world. America’s military exploits are placed under the microscope to determine if they line up with God’s Word or not. Exploitation of workers in both America and abroad are deplored by socially conscious Christians. Some of this is a move in the right direction. For too long, the conservative church has merely cheered on the American state instead of challenging it biblically.

However, as I read this passage in Malachi it occurred to me that most of these socially conscious Christians would not take a strong stand against divorce. Which is odd, because the Scriptures explicitly say that divorce is an act of violence. If we are against violence, then we should be against divorce because divorce is violence. However, divorce is rarely if ever preached against. It makes one wonder whether those socially conscious Christians are making biblical arguments against violence or whether they are just interested in going along with current fads in American secular society?

Book Review: The Priority of Preaching

The Priority of PreachingThe Priority of Preaching by Christopher Ash

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book was a pleasant surprise. I had not heard much about it, but a fellow pastor really enjoyed it, so I thought I would give a try. The book was a tremendous encouragement to me. It is well structured and short, which made for an easy read. However, it did not feel light. Numerous points the author made caused me to stop and evaluate my preaching and my ministry. I highly recommend this to any new minister or to any older minister who feels that preaching is no longer effective.

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