Fighting Sexual Immorality

Proverbs considers sexual immorality one of the greatest temptations facing men. It is addressed early and often in the book. Here are some quick thoughts I gleaned on how to fight sexual immorality from a recent reading of Proverbs 5.
1. Remember that sexual immorality is trading a temporary pleasure for a permanent pain. (verses 1-6)

2. Remember that sexual immorality wastes your energy, money, and time. (verses 9-11).

3. Remember that sexual immorality will ruin your reputation. (vss. 12-14) The man who refuses to listen to instruction and consistently indulges in immoral acts will find himself on the edge of total ruin. He will be publically recognized as a fool.

4. Remember to enjoy your wife or wait for your future wife. (vss. 15-20)

5. Remember that God sees you when are sinning. (vss. 21-23) It is easy to believe that we are on our own , that no one sees us. But God’s eyes are always watching.