Take Up and Read: Thursday Edition

Here are some links I enjoyed this past week.

Kevin DeYoung laments that many Christian single women cannot find good Christian men.  He also cautions Christian women to not have too high standards so that most men are excluded.

I always find Pastor Randy Booth edifying. For many Christians attendance at church is important, but not necessary. Pastor Booth has begun a series of posts on why church attendance is necessary as Christians. Here are the first three: post 1, post 2 and post 3.

Toby Sumpter has an article up at Credenda on All Hallows Eve. He has good thoughts on how our approach to God’s holiness changes from the Old Testament to the New Testament.

Finally, here is a good word from Mrs. Nancy Wilson for wives and mothers. While I would not necessarily agree that a woman should work outside the home prior to marriage, if they do Mrs. Wilson’s perspective is the only Biblical one to have. And most importantly this is a good word for all those wives and mothers who feel like “weirdos.”