I Don’t Sin and Don’t Hang Out With People Who Do

Here is another quote from John Calvin on the call of Matthew. His point is clear hypocrites do not understand the depth of their own sin and therefore they refuse to be counted among the wicked. 

“Hypocrites, being satisfied and intoxicated with a foolish confidence in their own righteousness, do not consider the purpose for which Christ was sent into the world, and do not acknowledge the depth of evils in which the human race is plunged, or the dreadful wrath and curse of God which lies on all, or the accumlated load of vices which weighs them down. The consequence is, that they are too stupid to feel the miseries of men, or to think of a remedy.  While they flatter themselves, they cannot endure to be placed in their own rank, and think that injustice is done them, when they are classed with transgressors.” (John Calvin, Commentary on the Harmony of the Gospels, p. 401-402)