Take Up and Read: Thursday Edition

As I noted last week, several evangelical scholars have come out recently denying that a historical Adam ever existed. Evangelicals should be all upset by this jump into heterodoxy, but in general they are not. It seems that we have better things to do than defend the historical Adam. Here are two posts which address the problem. First, Kevin DeYoung gives us ten reasons to believe in the historical Adam.  Second, the Bayly Brothers show how a seminary can corrupt a young man, particularly on the issue of evolution. What is a man to do when one of the most “conservative” seminaries in the country from one of the most “conservative” denominations allows a man to teach who doesn’t believe Adam existed?

Here is a short blog post by R.C. Sproul Jr. on myths or half truths evangelicals believe. I thought number 1 was especially good.  When we make all sins equal it is usually to make our sins look not so bad and the other person’s sins to look terrible.

Al Mohler shows how President Obama’s compromise on contraception was not really a compromise at all.

Rachel Jankovic lists ten ways to love your kids. I found this one, “Don’t change your behavior toward you children in public” convicting. It is a fear of man, not love of God that causes us to have one standard for our children at home and another in public.

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