Take Up and Read: Thursday Edition

Justin Taylor takes a brief look at Martin Luther’s home life. I am continually amazed at how poor the reformers were, how much they got done, and how many people they had in their homes.

R.C. Sproul Jr. has been one of my mentors as I have grown in the faith. His love for Christ and his  family have spurred me on during difficult times. His love for the good life has also brought me a lot of joy and helped clarify what it means to follow after Christ. During the Christmas season he lost his wife Denise whom he loved so dearly. Here is a moving tribute to his wife and the influence of God’s Word upon her life.

Trevin Wax does a good job of helping pastors to ask the right kind of questions when approached about sexual issues. Several things struck me as I read. First, in previous generations the mom or dad discussed sex with their children. It was a family matter. Now children learn about sex from friends, books, movies, or the opposite sex. Second, we live in a culture that is drowning in pornography. As a pastor, I cannot expect my flock or new converts to have a correct perspective on sex. That means it should probably be brought up more regularly in private with the man or the couple. It cannot be ignored, but it also cannot be discussed in most public forums.

Finally, here is a post by James K.A. Smith on worship music. He addresses it to praise bands, but it will help anyone involved in worship music to think through certain things. I thought his emphasis on the congregation being able to participate was good.