A Better Crop

Here are some of my thoughts on Rick Santorum, Ron Paul, and politics.

Rick Santorum and Ron Paul are both good candidates, but I do not think either will beat Romney for the nomination. Call me a pessimist.

We should be grateful these two men have gotten as many votes as they have. Paul has opened doors for future fiscal conservatives. Hopefully, they will have they will have the courage to walk through them. Santorum has said things that no recent legitimate GOP candidate has had the courage to say.  They both have their faults, but we certainly have a better crop to choose from than 2008.

I would vote for either man without a second’s hesitation. Santorum and Paul are light years ahead of McCain. I will not vote for Mitt Romney or Newt Gingrich.

The blatant disregard for Ron Paul in the mainstream conservative media is appalling and revealing. I am thinking particularly of Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity. Conservative media is just as biased as liberal media.

Abortion, despite its age, is still the defining issue for Christians in politics. Not because other types of killing are okay (such as civilian casualties in war) but because abortion is willful, blatant, and prevalent.  Abortion is the sacrifice America makes to the god of pleasure.

The declining interest in abortion among young conservative voters comes, at least partly, from the distracted age we live in. A generation raised on blogs, sitcoms and thirty second commercials is going to have a hard time fighting a battle that will probably take generations to win. 

If we are going to be consistent about sexual ethics then adultery must be brought into the conversation. If we give the pornography industry or a conservative who has a questionable sexual history a pass, but hammer the sodomites we are being hypocrites.

Our fiscal policy and our sexual ethics are linked. That is why abortion, homosexuality, our wars, and over taxation belong in the same conversation. Ron Paul supporters are correct to point out Rick Santorum’s poor financial policy.  Isn’t love of money behind both abortion and the wars we fight?

I don’t think libertarianism or big government will fix our problems. We are only as good as the men who lead us. Ron Paul’s idea of giving power back to the states is Constitutional and a good idea. However, does anyone really think that California or New York would be more godly just because the state legislatures were in charge? At this point the federal government might be holding them back. Our goal should not be a Constitutional country, but a godly country. Therefore, we need godly leaders. Men who live their life and  make laws based upon God’s Word.  Therefore the key is to raise godly sons.  Only when we have godly fathers and husbands can we expect to have godly civil servants.  If conservatives Christians want long term change then they should put more time into loving their wives and raising a host of godly sons and daughters than into who will win the nomination.

One thought on “A Better Crop

  1. “At this point the federal government might be holding them back. Our goal should not be a Constitutional country, but a godly country. Therefore, we need godly leaders. Men who live their life and make laws based upon God's Word.”

    You make a good point about the federal government holding them back. That is an interesting idea. I still think that states rights is a good solution. Why not let them be given over to their depravity for their own condemnation?

    A constitutional government is an important step on the way to a Godly government and should not be ignored. Raising up a Godly generation just to be crushed by a totalitarian state seems twisted. We will pass a good many things down to our children as an inheritance, most of which are not money or possessions. I am laboring under the burden of taxes placed on me by the generation before me and regulations put in place before I was born. I do not want to leave my children a totalitarian state to be martyred by and a 15 trillion debt to pay off if I can help it. Of course we can't forget to raise children of high enough character that they can appreciate what was sacrificed to give them what they have. That mistake has been made before as well.


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