Take Up and Read: Thursday Edition

Carl Trueman discusses why elders should be older, more mature men. He is right, but what do you do when the older men have abandon the faith? What do you do when most of the men in your church are young?

There are thousands of books on how to prepare sermons, but almost nothing on how to listen to them. Since millions of Christians around the world listen to sermons Sunday after Sunday this is odd. Here is a short article by Phil Ryken on how to hear a sermon. If members followed this I think many a pastor would enter and leave the pulpit with more spring in their step.

Lent began last Wednesday. First, if you do not know what Lent is read this. Then you can read this quote by Michael Horton, a professor at Westminster Seminary in California, on Lent.  Then read this post by Noel Piper on Why Would We Observe Lent? Finally, Pastor Douglas Wilson gets to the heart of how we should and shouldn’t celebrate Lent.

Finally, here is a wonderful article by Kevin DeYoung on why we should delight in our very ordinary lives because they display Christ’s extraordinary salvation.