Take Up and Read: Thursday Edition

Here is a wonderful list of six things that would be true of the Church if true reformation was to take place. J.I. Packer, like John Stott, has a gift for being clear and deep.

Toby Sumpter explains how the Reformation was an opening of the armory. A great post on what the Roman Catholic Church had done and how the reformers undid it.

How bad are things on the abortion/infanticide issue? There is an article in the Journal of Medical Ethics advocating “after-birth abortions.”  Anyone who opposes this point of view is a “fanatic” who is destroying “academic discussion and freedom.” Notice the tone the editor of the journal, Julian Savulescu, takes with those who are critical of the article. The systematic killing of children in the womb will lead inevitably to the systematic killing of children outside the womb. Honestly, Hitler is in rear view mirror. We passed him long ago.

Here is another article on abortion. Be warned.  It is has some language describing an abortion, which is graphic and heartbreaking.  In the article a man laments killing two out of three triplets after an IVF treatment. Several thoughts occurred to me as a I read the article. First, what are we to think of medical doctors who kill babies? Second, why do men have no say in whether a child is born or not, yet if it is born they must support him/her financially?  The logic of this escapes. Third, how many other men and women are crippled with the same grief and guilt, a grief and guilt that can only be remedied at the cross.