Take Up and Read: Special AV Edition

Douglas Wilson’s brother, Gordon Wilson, gives two lectures on setting the record straight: Creation vs. Evolution.

The first one is here.
The second one here.

 A couple of years ago Rich Lusk gave an excellent sermon on Deuteronomy 6 and training our children. You can find it here.  It is the first sermon on the list. I left this message with a renewed desire to honor God with my children.

If you are looking for a comprehensive and Biblical web site for counseling, you cannot do better than ccef.org. There are numerous articles, audio segments, and video segments that address every area of counseling. I know many of you wonder about how a Christian should approach things like psychiatry and drugs for schizophrenia, etc. They address these issues as well as many others. Here is a link to their  resources page.  I have not read nearly all that is here. So do not assume I endorse everything. But I think their general direction is the best I have found.

Finally, here is the video of the question and answer session from the Ligonier’s 2012 National Conference. Many godly men are here, giving answers to various questions.

Qualities of a Spiritual Warrior

Paul Tripp gives five signs that our teenagers understand and participate in the spiritual battle. While he is addressing teenagers, the list is a good one for all of us.

1. He will have a heartfelt, internalized fear of God…He does what he does not because someone is watching, or out of fear of the consequences, but ultimately because of a deep, worshipful love and reverence for God.

2. Second to fear of God, but directly related to it is submission to authority…If a person fears God, he will be submissive to the authorities that God has placed in his life.

3. The next quality evident in a person who is engaged in spiritual warfare…is separation from the wicked…If a teenager is serious in his desire to participate in the spiritual struggle, if he is seriously seeking to live a life pleasing to the Lord, and if he is living in a willing submission to authorities in his life, then he is going to want to spend his time with people who share his values.

4. It is impossible to participate in the spiritual struggle if you do not have the ability to think through your faith and apply it to the situations of life. What a teenager needs, if he is going to live a God-honoring life, is a thorough knowledge of the Scriptures that allows him to apply its commands, principles, and perspectives to the many different situations that arise in everyday life.

5. The final piece of this goal of focusing on the spiritual struggle is biblical self-awareness…We want to be used of God to produce teens who can regularly examine themselves in the perfect mirror of the Word of God and who can humbly accept what is revealed there.