Take Up and Read

John Piper has some good and strong reflections on last week’s mega-millions lottery craze. There were three people had winning tickets. Which means these three people will split $640 million.  Should we have gone out and bought lottery tickets? In West Virginia there were over $3.5 million worth of tickets sold.

Since we live in a university town, this post by Al Mohler on the attempt to kick Christian groups out of Vanderbilt University is eye-opening.  The world does not want to tolerate us. They want to eradicate us. Unfortunately for them, Christ reigns and his people cannot be eradicated. But hey, they get an “A” for effort.

Here is a post by Randy Alcorn’s son in law on how the pro-choice crowd is becoming more consistent. No longer are they hiding their real desire. They want their lives easy and they want no consequences for their sins. They want to kill babies with disease.  The reflections in the article are good.  We should expect that as our society sinks into darkness pagans will become more consistent in their lives. Killing babies will not longer be early in the pregnancy or because of rape. It will be for whatever reason we see fit.

How should Christians approach science? Here is a really neat article on James Clerk Maxwell. A man I  have never heard of or never remember hearing of. Maxwell used the Trinity and the idea of unity in diversity to solve some sticky scientific issues. The post is a good reminder that theology and reflection on God and his character actually serve to advance the cause of true science.

Finally, here is a post from Frank Turk about how not to reason with a “Christian” who doesn’t believe in the resurrection. His point is simple: We should not allow non-Christians to dictate the boundaries of our discussions. The man who he attacks is a liar, cheat, and is bound for Hell. Why should we listen to him or even   try to rationalize with him?  The post is not easy to read, but worth it if you have the time.