Take Up and Read

Ladies, what are some questions you should ask before you put on that dress or blouse? Dan Philips had a great post on one question you should ask that you probably don’t.

I know you never get irritated. But for those people you know who do, Philip Ryken has good word about how irritability is  a sin.

Toby Sumpter has been preaching through the Ten Commandments. He has reached “you shall not steal.”  Here are his sermon notes. His conclusions/applications are worth their weight in gold. Read it and get the balance of obedience and forgiveness that you don’t usually get from preachers today.

Evolution continues to snake its way into the Christian Church. Any compromise with evolution is deadly. Christians must not become bored of fighting this battle. Kevin DeYoung does his part to combat theistic evolution here.

Carl Trueman, an OPC pastor, reminds us that the Gospel is insufficient. We need something more. What else do we need?  Well, read his essay and find out.

Finally, Doug Wilson spoke at Indiana University last week on “Sexual by Design.”  Here  and here are some videos from the event by students at the university.  Eventually Canon Press will have their own video of the event. Here is Doug Wilson’s description of the event. Here is the Secular Alliance of IU’s description of and response to the event. I encourage you to read the comments. My hope is that one day we will be able to do similar event here at WVU.