Creation and Technology: Part I

1Creation was good when God made it.

2.       God made man to rule over creation.

3.       God made man to cultivate creation and make it flourish.

4.       God made man to guard creation from enemies.

5.       God made man to do all of this in obedience to Him and for his glory.

6.       Creation is still good after the fall because God became a part of it in the Incarnation.

7.       Redemption is tied to the original purpose for creation. Christ did not save us to keep us from Hell only. He saved us so we can be faithful sons of God. He saved us so we can fulfill what Adam failed at. He saved us so we could be faithful kings and priests.

8.       Christ came to be what Adam and Israel failed to be: a faithful king and priest. He is taking dominion and he is guarding the true Temple all to the glory of his Father. (Psalm 2 &110)

9.       Those who are redeemed in Christ are restored to this original task. We can never do this perfectly in this life, but none the less we become little Adams and Eves. Our redemption is what allows us to move forward with the dominion mandate. The whole world becomes our workshop and our garden.

10.   God put us here to change and make things. In a sinful world, progress is not inevitably good, but it can be good. God expects us to build things and grow things. Christians should not be afraid of computers or cars or cell phones or power plants.  The Bible itself progresses from a garden to a city.  The new heavens and new earth will be like in Eden in some ways, but in other ways will be very different.