Take Up and Read

Uri Brito is writing more on his blog. I am grateful for this. I have enjoyed reading him. This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. Unfortunately most of the Church doesn’t know. Pastor Brito reminds us why it is important. 

Peter Leithart explains why he is too Catholic to be a Roman Catholic.

I do not know who these people are, but they have created a really neat infographic about the kings who ruled Israel and Judah. They even tell you which kings were good, sort of good, and bad. If you struggle to get the kings down this is a wonderful resource.

It is easy to believe that we are God’s gift to our local church. A lady wrote a post earlier this week on eleven ways to hurt your local church. It is a convicting article. Too many of us fall into one or many of the sins listed. I encourage you to read it and pray through it.  She wrote two follow up posts: one on how church conflict can sanctify us. And one on how to love your local church.

Finally,  I have always enjoyed R.C.Sproul Jr.’s writing, his love for the Lord Jesus, and his passion for the good, simple life. Here he explains why we don’t need accountability groups if we have friends. As usual, he is short and his arrow hits the target.

Seeing God

Peter Leithart notes that many Christians see God the Father as this cold, harsh, angry God who needs to be appeased by the kind, loving Jesus.  However, this separates what the Scriptures have joined together. In the Bible, Jesus is God. There are not two gods, one angry, one loving. There is one God. He is love. This love is seen as the Father sends the Son, the Son dies for his people, and the Spirit is poured out so that the people might love each other.

“You want to know what God is like, really? Take a look at the gospel. If you have seen Jesus, if you have seen him in the  manger, seen him tempted in the wilderness, seen  him passionately fighting the Pharisees who oppress his people, freely offering himself on the cross, powerfully rising again from the dead-when you have seen all this, you have seen God who is love.   Jesus did all of this out of his love for us, and because his Father sent him out of love. You want to see the love of God, read about Jesus. For whoever has seen Jesus has seen the Father.”  (From Behind the Veil, p. 151)