Thunder and Lightning in the Pulpit

“We were not sent to clear our throat nervously, trying to get somebody’s attention. We were not sent in order to make a few mild suggestions. We were not sent to indulge in a few postmodern dabblings of a theological nature. We were commissioned-I believe the word is ordained-to compel every manifestation of worldly power, glory, wisdom and exaltation to yield to and obey the majesty of God, in full accordance with God’s Word.  We were sent to bind and loose, and all by God’s Word.  And if need be, we have been ordained to open the Word completely,  press it flat against the pulpit, hold on to both sides of that pulpit, pray for divine protection, and preach as though we were thunder and lightning.  How could we not?  The Scriptures are a great thunderhead.” (Doug Wilson in With Calvin in Theater of God, p. 95)