Take Up and Read

There is a group called Live Action who has been doing sting operations on Planned Parenthood. Denny Burke remarks on their latest attempt where a young lady asked Planned Parenthood to help her abort her child if it was a girl. Here are Denny Burke’s remarks on the video and then his response to Planned Parenthood’s response.

Kevin DeYoung continues to respond to homosexuality with grace and without compromise. One of the best parts of this article is he discusses how to address various groups of people about homosexuality.

Brian Croft gives ten practical ways for a man to love and serve his wife. This list is worth referring to on a regular basis.

Last week I gave you Pastor Uri Brito on Pentecost. This week he writes on Trinity Sunday. Again, it is short and worth your time.

Finally, here is an article from the Washington Post on why marriage is better for children than cohabitation. It always amazes me when a secularist recognizes through research what the Scriptures declare through revelation.