Take Up and Read

Our stroll through the links today begins with this wonderful post about husbands can help stay at home moms. I think most husbands are better at helping their wives with outer chaos (dishes, cleaning house, etc.) than inner chaos. This post reminds us to bring the gospel to our wives.

How do we know we are saved? Jim Wilson gives a list of ways. Toby Sumpter added two more ways. I say “Amen” to the entire list.

Al Mohler ventures into the ever dangerous waters of birth control.

In case you haven’t heard, Jason Stellman, a PCA pastor in Washington State has left the PCA and is joining Roman Catholicism. The reasons he cites are he no longer agrees with Sola Fide or Sola Scriptura. I will write more on this later.  But here is his statement about leaving the PCA.

Gene Veith gives a portion of an interview with the creator of Veggietales. It explains why I do not watch, nor let my kids watch Veggietales.

K. Scott Oliphant shows us why we must withdraw from time to time. It is a good exhortation in our society that is saturated with media.

Finally, I doubt very many of you read Stephen King. But he is one of the most influential writers of the last several decades. This article explores many of the Christian themes that pervade King’s books.  What struck me was how King can put in his novels ideas about God, which are true, yet rarely spoken from the pulpit.

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