Book Review: Jesus Loves the Little Children

Jesus Loves the Little Children: Why We Baptize ChildrenJesus Loves the Little Children: Why We Baptize Children by Daniel R. Hyde
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The best brief introduction to infant baptism I have read. Hyde is long enough to cover the basics, but short enough to be of use to any believer. There were several things I enjoyed about the book.

1. Hyde is gracious, but firm. His understands that good Christians differ on this issue. But he believes the Bible is firmly on his side. I liked this approach.

2. He emphasized the covenant of grace.

3. He discussed the status of children in the NT. I think this particular angle has been overlooked by both paedo and credo baptists.

4. He showed how the mode was irrelevant.

5. He used church history as a secondary source, but clearly put the Scriptures above it.

This will become my go to book for new parents or people looking into infant baptism.

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