Take Up and Read

Do lesser sins lead to greater sins? The Bayly Brothers answer this question.  The talk specifically about sexual sin, but their point can be applied to any sin.

Here is really cool blog post using Sherlock Holmes as a help for interpreting the Scriptures. It is fun and beneficial.

Brett McCracken talks about good patriotism. He reminds us that what we love about America is linked to a love for home, which is ultimately linked to a love for Heaven our final home. We should not feel bad for loving hamburgers and fireworks and the beach and long naps in our easy chairs.  He quotes C.S. Lewis’ chapter in Four Loves about patriotism. The book is great. But that chapter is a gem polished to perfection. If you haven’t read it, you should.  Lewis describes perfectly that a proper love for country is good and right.

Eric Metaxas writes about how technology could lead to fewer abortions. His quotes from a pro-choice woman are amazing. She is afraid of ultrasound technology because it may lead people into thinking that a fetus is a person. Seeing but still blind she is.

Finally, here is an article by Andrew Webb about how Christians are being marginalized in our society. He uses Anderson Cooper’s “coming out” as an example of what Christians cannot do.  He then goes on to note that the first step to persecution is to make a group the villains and oppressors. The world is making Christians the “haters” and “bigots” so they can eventually purge us from society. It is very similar to what the Nazis did to the Jews. Of course, we all know what happens when the church is persecuted. She flourishes like a well-watered vine. The world believes she is killing the Church when all she is doing is making her stronger.