Fifteen More Ways to Love Your Wife

This list is shorter and dirtier than the last list. Of course, there are hundreds of little ways to love her that I do not mention. The point is think about how you can love her and do the ugly, hard, awkward things that you know you should do, but really don’t want to.  

1.      Change diapers.
2.      Wash the dishes.
3.      Cook dinner or breakfast.
4.      Go shopping for the groceries and take several or all of the children.
5.      Fold a load of laundry.
6.      Take the kids to the park on a Saturday so she has a morning at home.
7.      Get a movie you know she will enjoy, even if you won’t.
8.      Buy her flowers for no specific reason.
9.      Take the initiative and set up a babysitter to go on a date.
10.   Help the kids brush their teeth, put on pajamas and get in bed.
11.  Send her out for several hours to do something on her own.
12.  Buy her some nice clothes or a gift certificate to a clothing store she likes.
13.  Give her a foot massage or back massage.
14.  Call/email her on your lunch break and see how she is doing and tell her you love her. 
15.  Do it all without being asked.