Take Up and Read

One of the great tasks in the Christian life is the killing of sin, what the old saints called mortification. Over at Desiring God they put two posts up describing how we can do this.

First, John Piper talks about some of his favorite Bible verses and how he uses them to sever sin.

Second, here is an old warrior saint, J.I Packer, talking about how prayer helps him mortify sin. I loved how he described the love of Father and Son driving the love of sin out of his heart.

Dr. Leithart explains how high churches can prevent nominalism. The post is wonderful in its simplicity. The way any church keeps from becoming filled with lukewarm Christians is the Word of God and church discipline.

In two weeks, I will begin working through Matthew 13. What is in Matthew 13? Parables. Here are four interpretative guidelines from R.C. Sproul on how to interpret the parables. I wish he gave a little more explanation, but the point still give a basic framework.

Here are some stunning pictures from Norway. The glory of  God’s creation is in full view, as well as man’s dominion taking over that creation. I especially enjoyed the pictures titled “The Troll’s Tongue” and “Fantoft Stave Church.” One of the great benefits of the Internet is that we can see pictures that 50 years ago we could not see.