Take Up and Read

Here is a good list by Keith Mathison on what books to read when someone becomes a Calvinist. Not all of them are great, but most are.

The homosexual issue continues to reach a fever pitch in churches and denominations here and in Europe. Kevin DeYoung, whose denomination is weak on this issue, tells us why many denominations will not survive the homosexuality crisis. His appeal here is a good one. Tell us where you stand and let those leave who want to.  I am not sure he will be heeded, but it would be nice if someone would listen.

On the same issue, Voddie Baucham explains why sodomy is not like slavery. Pro-homosexuals love to use this analogy. But it is flawed in several ways. He focuses especially on gay marriage.

A couple of weeks ago I posted of video of Dr. J.I.Packer describing how he mortified sin with prayer. Here  are two more videos by him. The first is on how the Puritans can help with sanctification. The second is on how our union with Christ can help us with sanctification.

Finally, here Russell Moore weaves together two major themes of the Gospel, love and war, and shows how Satan has plagiarized them through video games and pornography. It is a great post.  Not just for what he says, but for how Moore attaches his critique to the Gospel.