Take Up and Read

What are the things that destroy rot our faith? J.D. Greear mentions 5 from Hebrews 12. It has become more clear to me that the final one, though not as talked about as the first four, is just as deadly.

Psalm 91 is a great psalm about God’s deliverance. But how can it be true when so many Christians suffer? Pastor Piper takes a look at that psalm and gives us two ways it applies to our suffering.

I really enjoy Russell Moore. Here is a fantastic article on what it means to really engage the culture as Christians. Moore accurately interprets Acts 17, Paul’s speech on Mars Hill, and while he is doing that he also accurately interprets all those attempts by Christians to build bridges to the culture.  There is a lot of wisdom in the article. It reminds that the point is to preach a man who was dead and now lives. The point is not to just engage the culture.

Why should we read the Bible daily?  David Wegener gives ten reasons here.

Here is a brief history of the hymn “Rock of Ages” and the man who wrote Augustus Toplady.

Finally, Jim Jordan argues that it is okay to vote for Mitt Romney. Doug Wilson says he still isn’t going to vote for Mitt Romney.  Uri Brito reminds us that we are all on the same side even if we don’t all vote for the same guy.