Take Up and Read

Here are ten myths about premarital sex from the book Premarital Sex in America. 

Paul Tripp talks about four ways pastors can be deceived into thinking they are holier than they actually are. While he is speaking to pastors, most of it can be easily applied to Christians who are not in ministry.

Halloween, Reformation Day, and All Saints Day are coming up at the end of October. C.J. Bowen gives a great list of links which discuss all of these holidays and how we as Christians should view them.

One of the best young sport writers in America is a home schooled charismatic Christian whose dad was a pastor. Who would of thunk that? Owen Strachan has a two part interview with him: Part I and Part II. It is an insightful read and shows how sports can teach morality through the stories of the players.

I am always looking for help in leading. General David Petraues has four major rules he follows in leading. These create a good for any leader to work through so that he can have impact.