Take Up and Read

Michael Kelley has a wonderful post on how to engage your children. His suggestions were practical and creative. My kids are home schooled, so his applications do not fit my situation perfectly. But it did encourage me to ask more questions at the dinner table.

There are parts of the Bible that we are all tempted to skim or not read at all. The beginning of I Chronicles comes to mind, as does the numerous chapters in Exodus devoted to the Tabernacle. Daniel Hyde gives us six good reasons to study all the minute details about the Tabernacle that we find in Exodus. 

This past Sunday I prayed for the continent of Africa during morning worship. Read Pastor Conrad Mbewe’s account of evangelical Christianity there and you will see why that continent needs our prayers. You will also the effect that lack of church discipline and love of money has upon the church. 

Here is brief recap of Vatican II, which happened 50 years ago. The author also includes some ways to pray for Roman Catholics. 

Kevin DeYoung gives a great list of debate lines you will never hear. It is quite funny.

Finally, Michael McKinley addresses “preaching for the home run.” While the article is addressed to preachers, there is a lot of application for the congregation as well. Too often, especially in our world, we assume that if something dramatic isn’t happening then nothing is happening at all. Too often we come to church expecting God to work in amazing ways instead of normal ways.  He lists some of the dangers of this type of thinking. He is right, most sermons are a base hit and that is fine. God uses base hits to build up his people and glorify his Son.