Book Review: The Sociology of the Church

The Sociology of the Church: Essays in ReconstructionThe Sociology of the Church: Essays in Reconstruction by James B. Jordan
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One of the best by Jim Jordan. The essay on how the Church can be viewed from many different angles was great. In his essay on conversion, he showed how conversions of various kinds happen throughout the life of believer. All of these conversions should be given proper consideration in the Christian life, not just our initial conversion. His essays on worship were excellent. Finally, his essay on hospitality as evangelism was superb. He even has a liturgy of malediction. His observations on how the Church should relate to the state are scattered throughout the book and are thought provoking. For example, his argument that clergy should wear collars and robes is in part linked to making the Church visible to the state. Highly recommended advanced reading for those interested in the Church and how she should be reformed.

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