Take Up and Read

My first link is probably my favorite. Trevin Wax lists ten questions pro-choice candidates never get asked but should. While he limited it to candidates, I think this list would be great to keep in  mind when talking to anyone who is pro-choice. Make the pro-choice person answer the hard questions.

In case you missed it a Republican candidate for Senator in Indiana said that a child conceived by rape is a gift from God. The liberals promptly tarred and feathered him. My favorite lumberjack disguised as a pastor, Douglas Wilson, give some insight into how to a handle situations like this. He also explains the difference between abortion and killing people with drones.

Here is a wonderful quote from Dietrich Bonhoeffer about true leadership. He notes that a leader’s job is to disillusion his followers. He must tear himself down as an idol and point to the ultimate authority, which is God. How many pastors and politicians fail to do this? How many voters and congregants want to make idols out of their leaders?

Tim Woody alerted me to this article on how pornography can be answered by the Gospel.  Tim Chester shows how porn, like all idols, is a lie that leaves you dead and empty. He shows that the answer is God.

Most of us assume we shouldn’t vote for President Obama. Jared Wilson gives some concrete reasons for why he cannot vote for him. There are certainly reasons that I would add to his list, but this is a good place to start.

Finally, my friend Brian Nolder, a fellow CREC pastor in Pella, Iowa, had this article printed in his local newspaper. It is a good, sane, biblical view on the upcoming election. Men who trust in princes always think the next election is either Armageddon or the Promise Land. Pastor Nolder reminds us it is neither.