Take Up and Read

Pastors and professors often battle over which is more important when reading the Bible: the big picture or the details. The answer of course is that both of these perspectives matter. They fit into one another. Without an understanding of the big picture the details will be misinterpreted. Without understanding the details the big picture will be fuzzy. In this short blog post  Pastor John Piper does a great job of showing how the details and the big picture fit together.

Ligonier has created a 24/7 reformed internet radio. It is called Refnet and you can find it at Refnet.fm. The include R.C. Sproul’s Renewing Your Mind, Desiring God. Al Mohler, White Horse Inn and now they will be airing The Basement Tapes every Saturday and Sunday at 6:30 pm. It looks like a great resource for growing in your understanding of the reformed faith. You can find some information about it here or at refnet.fm.

My friend and fellow pastor Steve Hemmekke gives his perspective on why it is okay to vote for Mitt Romney. Throughout he explains why you shouldn’t vote for President Obama or any of the smaller parties. You may not agree with all he says, but he does challenge you to think through why you are voting how you are voting.

Another fellow pastor Uri Brito explains how a win by Governor Romney would require pastors to understand Mormonism better, teach their congregations more clearly on why Mormonism is a cult, and teach Trinitarian theology with better precision.

I enjoy the articles over at theresurgence.com.  Mark Driscoll and his comrades keep the posts short and on point. The visual presentation is also excellent and the content is varied. Here is a blog post on six signs you might be becoming a Pharisee. I see all of these in my life from time and time.

Stephen Witmer explains why he likes living across from a graveyard.