Did the Mission Change When Obama Won?

We often forget our mission until God brings some disaster along to remind us of what we are supposed to be doing. The mission of the church did not change on November 7th. Matthew 28:18-20 did not all of the sudden show back up in the Bible. It has always been there. But prior to the election  many had forgotten what that mission was. The never changing mission of the church is to bring glory to God by evangelizing and discipling the nations. But every church in America will agree with this. Mission statements and bulletin boards are filled with this type of language. We know we are supposed to evangelize and disciple the nations. But the Devil is in the details. And so is our love for and obedience to Jesus. How can the church grow more obedient to Jesus over the next four years? Here are ten things I think we should do. They are not radical for most of us. But they are essential. There is more that could be added. Only the first four are in order.

First, we must live in obedience to Jesus Christ our Lord, repenting where we are wrong and confessing that we are sinners saved by grace. This must be preached, sung, and lived in every home, pew, and pulpit in the land.

Second, God’s Word must be central to everything we do. We need to delight in it, preach it, study it, listen to it, sing it, memorize it, pray it, and above all believe and obey it. Any man who seeks to undermine God’s Word is a wolf and should be chased away from the sheep.

Third, we must show dependence upon God by steadfastly seeking him in prayer and thankfulness to him by rejoicing in all his kindnesses to us.

Fourth, we must preach the Gospel, calling upon men to repent and believe in the Lord Jesus Christ or they will perish in eternal fire.

Fifth, we must work to disciple the men.  For our country to change our homes must be in submission to Christ. This begins with godly husbands and fathers who love their wives and train their children.

Sixth, we must pray and work for the removal of women from pastorates and eldership. And we must remove all men who act like women or who are run by women. We must smash the idol of feminism. A church that has idols in her midst cannot speak to the idols that fill our culture.

Seventh, we must bury public education. Government schools are where the sheep are eaten by the wolves. If we love the little ones (Matthew 18) we will pray that one day every public school in this land will be chained shut or will have been bought by a church.

Eighth, we must rebuke in life and deed the idea that personal pleasure is the highest good. Here is why sexual sins and the consequences of those sins will remain front and center in the Church’s fight against sin and darkness.

Ninth, we must love the unborn, the widow, and the elderly in deed and truth (I John 3:18).  This means, among other things, adoption, picketing abortion clinics, passing laws to stop abortion, visiting nursing homes, and loving our parents and grandparents and providing for them in their old age, and caring for single mothers.

Tenth, we must strive to worship according to the Scriptures. At the minimum this means Psalm singing, preaching God’s Word, solid, biblical prayers, masculine leadership, and weekly Lord’s Supper.