Take Up and Read

Peter Leithart writes so many books that one wonders if he isn’t a machine in a human body. And he doesn’t just write he books. He writes books that can make your head spin and heart skip a beat. Sometimes I agree with him. Other times I don’t. But he always makes me think about God and his ways more thoroughly. How does he write all those books? Here is a semi-serious look at the five stages he goes through in writing a non-fiction book.

Kevin DeYoung just took a media fast. He explains the benefits of shutting down for a little while. I noticed that many of his points had to do with fact that the Internet makes us feel more important than we actually are.

I don’t know much about this blog or the people who run it nor do I like the picture in the post. But the point they make is excellent. If you need to intimidate to lead you do not have the respect of your people. Fathers should remember this. If the only way we get people to obey is by force there is a problem. I might add that someone can intimidate without being loud or obnoxious. There is a subtle intimidation that many people use to get what they want.

George Grant takes about four sentences to explain what the fiscal cliff is all about. In one brief glance it shows how upside down politicians are financially.

John Piper will pass the baton on Easter 2013 to another minister. This is the final Advent season he will be pastor at Bethlehem Baptist Church. I really enjoyed this excerpt from his newsletter to his flock. Pastor Piper has done many wonderful things during his thirty-three years at Bethlehem. But his most enduring legacy will be his flock.

Here is a sobering post by Carl Trueman. He reminds us that often our legacy is written after we are dead and gone by the people we put in place to follow us.