Take Up and Read

Over the years I have become convinced that children should be included in regular Sunday morning worship. Here are two excellent posts that show why children should be sitting there with us singing, praying and listening: Rob Hadding and Toby Sumpter. Jesus tells us to let the children come to him. If  we preach, pray, and sing about Jesus in worship why would we not want our children there?

My favorite Christmas/Advent song is “O Come, O Come Emmanuel.” One of my favorite authors is Keith Mathison. Conveniently, Ligonier has brought two of my favorite things together here. 

Here is a post claiming that everything we were taught about church growth is just old wives tales.  It is worth your time, though you have to click through a couple of pages.

Paul Tripp gives us five signs that we are glorifying ourselves.

I am not a big fan of the Twilight movies or books. So I enjoyed and recommend Mark Driscoll’s take on them here. He warns of the dangers of what these types of movies and books can teach our children, especially our teenage daughters.

Finally, Advent began on November 30th. The pastors in our denomination have created an Advent/Christmas devotional. It runs from November 30th through January 6th. You can find it in PDF here. I would encourage you to read the selection for each day. They are an excellent way to direct your heart and mind towards God this Christmas season.