Take Up and Read

Take up and read has been on vacation since early December. But like all of us he has to get back to work sometime. So here is the latest edition.

Here is great post about why you need to pray from your pastors and elders. We all struggle to do what is right day in and day out. It is easy to become a shell, especially when people have expectations for us that do not involve the word and prayer. But if we do that we become empty with little inside and we lose power. Pray that we would do what is most important, not what everyone thinks we should.

It has been amazing to see the various reactions by Christians to the movie Les Mis. Some have loved it. Some have hated it. Some think it speaks too little of the Gospel. Others think it is a great picture of the Gospel.  Here is Steven Wedgeworth’s evaluation of it. I have not seen the movie, but my guess is that Steven gets a lot right in his review.

Randy Alcorn, who continues to do great work in the pro-life movement, explains why a child conceived by rape is still a person and should not be aborted.

Hospitality is something we emphasize at our church. Every Sunday I hear of this family going to that family’s house or of our young men hanging out together till the wee hours of the morning. All of this is good. It builds lasting relationships that help people love Jesus and obey his commands. That is why I enjoyed this post about hospitality without grumbling.  I would only add that our greatest temptation is to grumble after they leave, not before they come.

A couple of years ago I preached through the Minor Prophets. I remember being stunned by Zephaniah 3:17. It speaks of the Lord singing over us, his people. That verse is a great one to keep coming back to. Sam Storms talks about the verse here. It is a good reminder that God actually loves us.