Boys Were Made to Build

In December of 2011 we moved to 7.5 acres. The primary reason we chose this spot was so the boys (I have five) would be able to build and play. Here is some of their handiwork. Above is a teepee/hut they made last summer. They formed it by taking logs from the property and then overlaying them with bark. They also put moss down inside. I have been motel rooms that were not as nice!

At the back of our property we have a creek. The pictures above and below are a dam the boys have been making to get a swimming hole for the summer. They go out day after day to check for leaks and fix them. The project has been good for them. 

Finally, above and below is a bunker the boys built for future air soft battles. They have a couple of entrances and secret escape routes. It should provide a good line of fire.
And since there is no where else to put this picture, I stuck it in here. Here is a 3+ lb. bass I caught in early March at a local lake. She was the only fish we caught all day, but she was worth trip.