Take Up and Read

In our worship service we say “Amen” a lot. Kevin DeYoung explains what this doesn’t mean, what it does mean, and why it matters.

Peter Leithart gives us some things to remember as we read Revelation. Points 2 and 3 are particularly important. So many Christians consider Revelation almost like a 3rd Testament completely separated from what is happening in the New Testament. They also forget that Revelation is a letter.

C.J. Bowen asks some good questions about praying for our children. The post is a shot in the arm for parents, like me, who trust too much in themselves.

R.C. Sproul Jr.  give some advice about preaching to the sins of the congregation. He warns preachers of being too vague or preaching against other church’s sins. But he also warns against doing private discipleship from the pulpit.

In this longer article Carl Trueman takes aim at the Gospel centered movement, celebrity preachers, buzz words, seminaries, etc. The article is witty, harsh, and true. I appreciate many of the men who Trueman slaps down. But his points are valid. This movement is far removed from the local church centered movements of the past. I do not see how it can ultimately lead to healthier bodies.