Take Up and Read

R.C. Sproul Jr. reminds us that God often answers our prayers and yet we cease to give thanks.

Along the same lines, David Murray reminds us that thankful people are happy people. He also gives some good practical advice on how to be more thankful.

Lately, Hollywood has promoted their movies more actively in China in a attempt to make more money. This became very clear with the release of Iron Man 3, which adjusted some scenes and dialogue for Chinese audiences and to get past Chinese censors. It had great success in China and will no doubt lead to Hollywood trying to access the billions of dollars in the populous country in the world. That is why it is important to read articles like this, which discuss China’s one child policy.  China’s government brutally murders millions of babies.  No amount of Hollywood gloss or Chinese money can change that.

(Disclaimer: Be careful with following article. There are some links in the sidebar that include scantily clad women.)Where does feminism end up? With mothers disowning their own daughters in the name of freedom. Here is an interesting article by the daughter of well-known feminist, Alice Walker, who wrote the novel The Color Purple.  She describes the effect her mother’s feminism had on her and her eventual rejection of her mother’s views.

Finally, if you haven’t read Steven Wedgeworth’s article on the necessity of a historical Adam, you should. It is longer and more theological dense than most blog posts (that’s a compliment), but worth your time. He carefully explains how giving up Adam as a historical figure is giving up Jesus as the one who sets the world right.