Take Up and Read

Since the NSA spying scandal George Orwell’s novel 1984 has shot up Amazon’s list of movers and shakers. Mark Horne gives some insight into this book as well as some differences between it and Huxley’s Brave New World. 

Most people hate whiners, but we especially hate leaders who whine. Here Kevin DeYoung tells leaders, like me, to stop the grumbling. Even if you are not in leadership, it is worth the read.

Nothing gets people as mad as food, especially in American culture. Here and here Douglas Wilson attacks those who use food to divided. Please note he is not attacking those who have genuine allergies, etc. He is attacking those food Nazis who use food to divide Christian from Christian and to refuse fellowship with them. The second post clarifies some points in the first post. If you are offended then you are probably who Pastor Wilson is talking to.

Ben Merkle on how we are all bad guys and how pride keeps us from seeing our own sin and from ministering to others in their sins.

What is metadata and how is it used? The Guardian gives us some data on metadata and shows how it was used to break open the Petraeus scandal. The upshot is that metadata may not contain every last bit of personal data, but from metadata all the personal data can be obtained.