Take Up and Read

Father’s day was last Sunday. Mark Driscoll wrote this excellent post on how dads provoke their children. If you are a father or will be a father one day, it is worth your time.

Another post Father’s Day post. Douglas Wilson has an excellent section over at Canonwired where he addresses father hunger. All fathers and fathers to be could profitably spend some time over there.

Here is a very instructional article by Carl Trueman on both the sufficiency and insufficiency of Scripture.

Modesty can be difficult to define. Mrs. Rob Hadding, a pastor’s wife, does a good job in this post of giving some guidelines. I especially enjoyed her exhortation to pursue modesty with joy and stop acting like it is a drag.

Here is wonderful little post by R.C. Sproul Jr. on why women cannot preach at abortion mills, but can call people to repent.