Take Up and Read

Steven Wedgeworth writes about the need for a Christian alternative to Boy Scouts. The last two paragraphs are excellent and give a good description of what Christian boys need in their leaders.

Douglas Wilson addresses whether or not whistleblowing is right or not. He does a great job, as usual, of showing the various levels of thought that need to go into this type of a question. His last paragraphs show that Christians should take their oaths seriously This may mean whistleblowing.

Here are some blog posts on yesterdays Supreme Court decision to strike down the Defense of Marriage Act.

Al Mohler explains that soon all states will be forced to adopt same sex marriage as the law.
Here are some great words from Russell Moore on the church’s witness after this decision. He makes the good point that our marriages become a much greater part of our witness.
Marvin Olasky on what the future holds for Christians who oppose same sex marriage.

Finally, Toby Sumpter reminds us that summer is a gift and not a season for grumbling.