Book Review: Delighting in the Trinity

Delighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian FaithDelighting in the Trinity: An Introduction to the Christian Faith by Michael Reeves
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fantastic book, that caused me to delight in God, Father, Son, and Spirit, more with each page. Reeves has taken a hard and often obscure doctrine and showed how it relates to the most basic questions of the Christian life: Who is God? Why does the world exist? What is salvation? And How should we live? His writing style was excellent with just a enough wit to keep you engaged. There are many sidebars, small pictures, and quotes which add to the book instead of distract from it. The book reminded me that God is personal. He is not far off. I especially enjoyed his point that because we are united to Christ, the Father sees us as beloved children. We share in God’s glory because we share in Christ. The emphasis on the restoration of our relationship with God was also wonderful. Anyone who carefully reads this book should find a deeper love for and delight in God, but will also find a deeper love for those around them.

My only critique is that I wished he taken more time to talk about what it means to fear God in a Trinitarian context and how God’s discipline of us fits his nature as well. He does mention the latter, but it would have helped if he could have unfolded that more. But that is really a minor point in an otherwise great book.

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