Take Up and Read

Too often we think for a church to grow we must do radical things. There must be great change happening quickly over a short period of time. But the Spirit does not normally work this way. Instead he works slowly, but deeply, through normal ordinary means, especially worship. This article by Terry Johnson explains the benefits and blessing of this type of view of church.

As usual, Pastor Douglas Wilson has a lot of wisdom in his list of ground level tactics for Christian resistance. Christians would do well to study these and begin implementing some of them.

What did Jephthah do with his daughter in Judges 11? Peter Leithart gives us Jonathan Edwards’ answer to that question.

Tim Challies has a  great post  on mistakes we make with email. It was helpful for me. Here is another post of his on six things we should get rid of. Again it is about the internet, phone, email, etc.

In case you missed it the PCUSA decided to leave a hymn out of their new hymnal because talks about God’s wrath. Timothy George has a good article on that decision over at First Things.

Finally, Rachel Held Evans, a feminist blogger wrote a post last week on why millennials are leaving the church. Here is one of the many replies to that article. He makes the point that Christianity has endured so much and yet she lives on. All the doom and gloom is really arrogance dressed up as concern.