Take Up and Read

Here are some  wise words from John Calvin via Kevin DeYoung on when schism is a good thing.

Pastor Mark Driscoll gives a simple, but helpful list of principles for interpreting the Bible, although oddly enough he leaves out prayer.

As usual, Carl Trueman has some wise thoughts on the normalization of pornography. He is commenting on how some of his English periodicals responded to the push to make Internet porn an option instead of an automatic. He is right that sexual issues are the greatest pastoral problem with porn leading the way.  His point about Christians sharing every detail of their life was insightful as well.

Toby Sumpter reminds those of us who want to see reformation, especially reformation in worship, that there are dangers and they must be faced head on. We must be careful not to elevate our traditions above Scripture.

Finally, here are some fun links.

First, here is a list of one star reviews given on Amazon to famous books. The review given to Earnest Hemingway’s The Sun Also Rises is very funny.

Second, here is a video of people doing some pretty amazing stunts. It reminded me of how amazing the human body and mind is. Their bodies do amazing things, but the mental strength do some of these things is astounding.