Take Up and Read

Mike Lawyer does some good work out at the Center for Biblical Counseling in Moscow, Idaho. In this blog post he walks a fictional married couple through some difficult issues. He has already given them good news, now he is giving them good advice. 
Here is a wonderful post from Mrs. Nancy Wilson. And yes, men you should read it too. Many of us know that verse “Faithful are the wounds of a friend.” (Proverbs 27:6). We often use this verse to justify confronting those around us. Mrs. Wilson asks, “Are we a faithful friend in the first place?” She gets us to think about the verse instead of just using it to justify whatever we want to say. 
Mark Horne gives us some insight into what the Bible teaches about gluttony. He believes it has more to do with laziness, theft, and squandering money than it has to do with being fat. 
Nate Wilson’s writes about his grandfather’s eighty-fifth birthday. In doing so, he gives us a vision of a life well lived and of children who are grateful for the life well lived. 

R.C.Sproul Jr. reminds us that we are part of the Kingdom and not part of a particular movement.