Book Review: Three Forms of Unity

The Three Forms of UnityThe Three Forms of Unity by Guido de Bres
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I was glad to find a cheap well bound edition of The Three Forms of Unity. The doctrine is really, really good. As many have noted the Heidelberg Catechism is very pastoral in tone, which makes it a delight to read and study. But what surprised me was how pastoral the Canons of Dort was. Every pastor should have this on their shelf and read it on a regular basis. Here are a few lines I enjoyed:

Belgic Confession, Article 1: God is the overflowing fountain of all good.

Heidelberg Catechism #52: Christ shall cast all his and my enemies into everlasting condemnation.

HC #111: But what does God require in this commandment? [The eighth]
A: That I promote the advantage of my neighbor in every instance I can or may; and deal with him as I desire to be dealt with by others: further also that I faithfully labor, so that I may be able to relieve the needy.

Canons of Dort, Fifth Head, Article 1: Those people whom God according to his purpose calls into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord and regenerates by the Holy Spirit, he also sets free from the reign and slavery of sin, though in this life not entirely from the flesh and from the body of sin.

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